What is Bravest of the Blue?
Bravest of the Blue is the award-winning signature fundraising event, produced by the Rotary Club of Lexington, now in its fifth year, that sends participants rappelling 410’ down the side of the Lexington Financial Center (“Big Blue”), the tallest building in downtown Lexington.

What can I expect when I’m participating in Bravest of the Blue?
You will be wearing a full-body industrial harness and using an industrial descender during your rappel. To go down you will be pulling a handle, and to stop you will release the handle (push back). You can descend at your own speed, and stop whenever you wish. You will be anchored to a second back-up line, which uses a centrifugal brake, which will stop you, if you go too fast. Once you hit your goal, here are some of the rewards you can expect:

  1. A rappel slot reserved for you in the Brave the Blue event
  2. Use of a helmet Cam to capture your Bravest of the Blue experience
  3. An interview conducted by local media after you complete your decent
  4. Access to the Edger’s Reception
  5. A Digital Copy of your helmet Cam Bravest of the Blue experience through an on-line link.
  6. Specially Designed Event shirt
  7. Commemorative lapel pin – Only Edgers Get These!
  8. and more!

What are the requirements to participate in this event?
1. You must raise a minimum of $1,000 (most folks do this through social media)
2. Due to equipment limitations, participants must weigh between 110 and 300 pounds.
3. By registering for this event, you are agreeing to allow the Rotary Club of Lexington the use of all event-related photography and video.

What if I am unable to raise the minimum of $1,000 prior to the event date?
$1,000 is the required minimum to participate. If you are unable to raise this amount by the time the event date, all donations made on your behalf will be considered as gifts and will be used to support the Lexington Rotary Club Endowment. We do have payment plans, secured by a credit card.

How do I book my rappel time-spot?
Once you have raised $1,000, a Bravest of the Blue team member will contact you to reserve your date and time.

What will the training be like?
When you arrive on site, you will be familiarized with the equipment you will wear. You will actually get into the equipment, and you will have the opportunity to practice rappelling from a self-contained apparatus in the training room. This will give you a chance to hang in the harness, find a comfortable position, and practice using the descender. The same safety procedures are used in the training as in the long rappel so you will be quite familiar with them when you get do the actual rappel. You will have a radio on your harness, so that we can talk to you if necessary, all the way down.

What should I wear?
You’re going to be walking down the side of a building so wear good shoes. Sneakers, light hikers, climbing shoes, something with a soft, light colored sole. No slippers, sandals, slip-ons, high heels, or steel toed boots. Wear long pants and a long-sleeve shirt. Athletic pants, tights, and jeans are also suitable. The harness goes around your legs, waist, and shoulders, so it is best to avoid anything too bulky. You will be given a pair of leather gloves and a helmet when you arrive.

Is there any experience required?
No previous rappelling experience is required for Bravest of the Blue. This is not a “bounding” rappel, it is a “Brake-Controlled” descent. Any person can complete the event without any experience. Some “Edgers” who participated a few years ago complained that the brake handle was difficult to squeeze to release it enough to make the descent. We have the latest equipment, and that problem was eliminated with the new “pull-lever” brake system. You do not have to squeeze the handle, you just pull it down to descend and release it to stop. Very simple!

Can I bring my camera and phone?
Obviously, we do not want any objects dropped over the side. You will have a Sony Action Cam on your helmet, so your entire descent will be captured on the video. The wall of the building is reflective, so you will capture all of the surrounding scenery on your video. Your Sony Action Cam video will be transferred to an on-line folder, to which you will be emailed a link. You can download it and use it as you wish. We may also use it for advertising.  Sorry no phones on the roof.

Can friends and family watch as I go Over the Edge?
Friends and other supporters are encouraged to come to the event site and watch you rappel down the building. A staging area for guests will be set up in the Base Camp on Mill Street. There will be video feeds of various portions of your rappel that they will see on the video screens in the Base Camp, as you descend. As you prepare to go “over the edge”, from the time you mount the platform to begin your adventure, you will be on a live stream feed on Periscope. The live feed announcer will be asking you questions about the adventure and announcing who you are. Your Friends and family can see the entire happening on the large flat-screen televisions down in the Base Camp. (Follow RotaryLexKY on Twitter and they can watch it on their phones, as well)

Who should I contact if I have any more questions?
For more information on Brave the Blue contact us at info@bravetheblue.com